East Coast

Te Tairawhiti, our place

Once they visit us, people never forget our part of New Zealand’s East Coast. It is a land that rises raw-boned from the vast Pacific Ocean, whose subtropical storms form rivers that carve mountains.

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Our legends have it that the Polynesian demigod Maui left his canoe, Nukutaimemeha on our sacred mountain Hikurangi after he fished up Aotearoa New Zealand.

Ours is a big land for a big people – the most Easterly part of the world, on the edge of the world’s biggest ocean.

Modern problems – traffic jams and executive stress, the wrong kind of coffee – do not exist here.

There are other challenges of course – there are horses to catch, work to be done, as well as hunting, fishing and gardening to feed our families and guests.

Luckily, we love a bit of hard work.

Enjoy a taste of the Pure East Coast.