Ngati Porou

First generation fishermen

We are seafaring people who live on the East Coast of New Zealand’s North Island, between Potikirua and Te Toka a Taiau from near Lottin Point to the mouth of the Turanganui River at Gisborne which Maori call Te Tairawhiti – “The coast where the sun shines across the water”.

ngati porou banner

We Ngati Porou are together by our genealogy – whakapapa – to a man named Porourangi, who gave us his name, and who was descended from Maui, the greatest fisherman, himself.

Within Ngati Porou are many tribes, but in the modern world this one name unites us as family, as whanau. We are united also by our love of the land, the rivers and the ocean where we live, which feed us, and hold the stories of our ancestors who settled here. We have had trials and challenges and conflict – as all peoples have through the ages.

Many children of Ngati Porou have travelled to distant shores to find fame and fortune. As a people we have been quick to answer calls to adventure and to war.

Now we stand at the dawn of a new day of peaceful progress with renewed strength. With hard work and determination we are helping our lands and rivers and ocean return to their former vibrancy. This will also make us stronger as a people so we can share this new health and strength with others.

This healing is its own battle and a great adventure, and it calls many of our sons and daughters home again, to the land where their ancestors lived, and live still.

In all of this, where is it we are going? 
It is to where everyone wants to be.
A future that honours our ancestors,
And is worthy of our children.