Freshly Smoked
Kahawai Manuka Honey


A traditional Ngati Porou fare, our hot-smoked Kahawai is robust flavour with balanced sweetness.

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New to our Ahia hot-smoked fish range, our flavoursome kahawai is perfectly balanced by the natural sweetness of Manuka honey.

Our East Coast Manuka honey is sourced from Ngati Porou Miere, an iwi owned collective of Manuka honey producers - as you can imagine, it wasn't a difficult decision to pair our hot-smoked kahawai with such an authentically East Coast product.

Kahawai is harvested around the North Island coast and sometimes in Cook Strait and north of Kaikoura in the south.  They can also be found further afield around the Kermadec & Chatham Islands and across the Tasman where they can be referred to as Australian Salmon, amongst other names, due to their looks. 

You know when you have a Kahawai on the end of your line, they have a reputation for putting up a good fight, living up to their Maori name, "kaha" meaning strong. 

Kahawai (Arripis trutta) (98%), salt, manuka honey, brown sugar, natural woodsmoke (Manuka)

Contains Fish.  May contain Bones.