Freshly smoked
Salmon & Paprika Aioli Spread

Ahia™ Freshly Smoked Salmon lightly whipped into a paprika infused aioli. Rich and smoky with a hint of zest.

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A creamy, smoky and flavour packed spread, made with succulent Ahia™ smoked Salmon. Harvested in the Marlborough sounds, our Aotearoa saltwater Salmon is Manuka smoked, flaked and mixed with aioli, herbs, spices and smoky paprika. Layered with the flavour of dill, lemon and black peppercorns, and a hint of garlic. This is one satiating spread! Ideal for dipping, spreading or combining for simple snack or meal solution.

Contained in a handy recyclable jar, with the end user in mind. The jar can be easily opened, and spread served chilled, or warmed through.  


_Mix through warm pasta

_Spread over crisp lettuce leaves and roll up to eat

_Serve with lemon wedges, fresh herbs, croutons and pickled onions

_Serve on barbecued courgetti halves, marrows, or stuffed in grilled capsicums

_Ideal for finger food platters

_Try as a topping for pastry cases or crostini


Ahia™ Freshly Smoked Salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) (50%), canola oil, gherkin, egg yolk, lemon juice, vinegar, starch, mustard, garlic, sugar, paprika, dill, black pepper, salt.

Contains Fish and Egg.
May contain Bones.