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Smoked moki mousse

Moki is a delicious and delicate fish to eat, and our commitment to smoke them fresh, where ever possible, allows Moki to retain moisture and flavour, which is further enhanced by a very short period in brine and a light sprinkling of brown sugar.

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Deep tan on the surface, a morsel of Ahia Smoked Moki breaks into beautiful cuspate flakes, coloured slightly olive by the kelp they eat.

You may notice a rainbow lustre on the surface of the flesh, which is sweet and almost bacon-like – firm, sticky, meaty.  

Complimented with

Good on its own washed down with buttery chardonnay, reisling or malty ale, Ahia Smoked Moki is also great alongside olives and sun-dried tomatoes served as tapas. Fresh-smoked moki is a great addition to a salad that boosts protein, flavour and satiety with minimum fuss.

From our waters

In the depths of Winter, around Matariki the people of Ngati Porou go out and fish for Blue Moki that journey north up New Zealand’s East Coast from Kaikoura to spawn.

The Fish

Moki are handsome fish, blue-grey on top with light and dark vertical banding and a silvery underside. They can grow to a length of 90 cm. They are omnivorous with luscious lips for nibbling up molluscs, worms, crustaceans and seaweed.

With careful fisheries management they have steadily grown in number all around New Zealand and the Chatham Islands, and are generally regarded as one of the more ecologically-friendly species to buy.

The Blue Moki, is a species of trumpeter native to the southwestern Pacific Ocean around New Zealand. They are also (rather unkindly) known as the “bastard trumpeter”.

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mousse square

Smoked moki mousse