Juicy and succulent

A wonderfully appetising deep golden colour on the outside with creamy white flesh and a lusciously moist, slightly oily texture as it melts in the mouth, Ahia fresh-smoked Gemfish is heaven on a cracker, stirred through pasta with pesto, in a risotto or tossed in a green salad.

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If you know someone who loves smoked fish, you can look forward to seeing their eyes light up when they taste our line-caught, fresh-smoked Gemfish.

It is a seasonal fish and not available all year round, which gives those who love it something to look forward to.

While most of our fresh-smoked fish have no bones, Gemfish have a long curved bone that we have to leave in to keep all the moisture and flavour in. These bones are easy enough to pick out, but we should mention it – the taste justifies any minor inconvenience.

Maori know Gemfish as Tikati and they are also called Silver Kingfish or Southern Kingfish. They are often caught when targeting Hapuka.